How to set Presence I put code but not working is presence removed


Please learn javascript before you make a discord bot

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I learned but Why presence not working?? There is no error

I know that can you tell me wheres is mine mistake

Javascript and the docs can tell you that


Means??? (20characters)

Ok, please read the discord.js docs.

Why was my post flagged?

Check you messages. It should tell you.

probably because of off-topic

How is that off topic

I didn’t flag it. I am only guessing.

@anon43649539 I’m guessing someone might have that post to be a bit rude…? :man_shrugging:

Hi @Yashraj- I’m not too familiar with the discord.js library, but in the discord.js docs ( it appears you may need to pass in an object parameter and not just the string ‘DND’ for setPresence.

If you don’t have the answer to the question, @anon43649539, you don’t have to respond. If you think the post is inappropriate, you should email

Glitch is a friendly and welcoming community, in the editor and here in the forum. We welcome users of all different backgrounds of coding, beginner through expert.


yes i agree with that but this user has been coming here for a couple of days asking simple things and obviously copying code from google, if the user wanted to continue learning js i would happily help but this person obviously doesnt want to do such.


The user wants an answer to their question, and this is something we guide users to do ( You are under to obligation to reply to questions in the forum, but we do ask that you are friendly whether you do or not.


We love to help, but if a user is showing no intention to learn, spoon feeding is not going to help. It might work for the next 1 hour, then they’ll be back even more confused unable to do simple things.

However I do agree that @anon43649539’s post could have included a link to documentation/a video to help learn JS.

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Even if this were a totally fair assessment of the OP’s intentions, it would be more friendly and productive all around to simply not respond, then. Everyone has different learning styles, and sometimes they hit a plateau where “spoon feeding” actually is a helpful push for them in the right direction on their journey of creating.

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We really do appreciate how helpful everyone here in the forum is. As the community grows, we’re going to encounter more learning styles and coding challenges. This is exciting, but I also appreciate that it’s an adjustment for everyone here. <3