How to set Presence I put code but not working is presence removed

@jenn Again, I am not against not helping people, but people asking for code when tutorials about the same subject are available for free online need to understand to check Google first. And your’s and @tasha’s views on spoon-feeding seem to contradict. She says you should tell them to ask specific questions, not ask for code:

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Whereas you say spoon-feeding is OK:

While in the case of this post, they were asking a question, others don’t. I usually don’t answer and try not to get involved. In my opinion, you and @anon43649539 are both right. We should help if they are asking a question, but users should check Google and not ask to be spoon-fed but instead ask questions

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ok time to finish this up you’ve confused one function with another on the last few lines of your code. If you switch the places the code should works. To find out which I’ll show you where in the discordjs docs you can find which function should be used for what.

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I think Tasha and I have the same views here actually, but it’s the use of spoon-feeding that is relative. The original user did not ask anyone to code for them, which I consider to be spoon-feeding. They asked why they had an error, so they wanted to be pointed in the right direction.

At the end of the day, telling someone to learn JavaScript or sending them a lmgtfy link is not helpful. Instead of saying “Google it” maybe suggest “Google [suggested query]”. :slight_smile:


Yes. That’s right. Here there’s a question. If there isn’t a question and instead them asking for you to magic up some code, that they could learn from a tutorial, that’s asking to be spoon-fed and in that case we should link them to a tutorial or relevant documentation
Glad that could be cleared up :slight_smile:

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You seem to have two ready events and one should be quite enough. According to the screenshot, you can

  1. Ctrl + X the code from line 36 to 39

  2. Delete the lines 15 to 17.

  3. Paste the code (which you just cut) at line 15.

Also, instead of client.user.setPresence(), you can use