How to setup a glitch custom domain without need to make a subdomain

So I want to add Google Adsense to my website, but I can’t as its a subdomain.
And I can’t simply link my glitch project to a domain because glitch uses CNAME. Is there a way I can link my custom domain to glitch without needing a subdomain?

This article should help, it has instructions on adding a CNAME or an A record for your domain to connect a Glitch project (either way works): How do I add a custom domain, a CNAME, or A record for my custom domain? - Glitch Support


Thanks for responding, when I tried adding an A record, I used to get the ip address, which was And it doesn’t work, I waited for around 5 days and it still doesn’t work

What domain registrar are you using?

Im using netlify and the CNAME works but I don’t want a subdomain so i wanna setup an A record

Hi @Terosmilation_JS
I would really recommend you use Cloudflare. It’s free and it works great with Glitch. It uses a technology called CNAME Flattening so you can make the root domain a CNAME record. You can sign up here:
If you do use it, please make sure you are using Flexible SSL as Full won’t work with Glitch
Hope this helps! :slight_smile: