How to setup GuideBot from AnIdiotsGuide?

Okay, I tried to setup Guidebot (import from AnIdidiotsGuide Github), but the bot doesn’t start, when I check the log, it requires me to select an option or something like that, so should I do it on my computer first and importing it? Since I tried using the terminal doesn’t save changes.

Can you post what error(s) the log refers to?

Hey there,
I am not sure what you meant by ‘select an option’.
Besides, we do not support external or narrowly used packages, such as that you mentioned.
I’d rather recommend you to create an issue on GitHub page of the package and describe your problem and provide a informative description. And hopefully they will help you out. If you think that the issue has been caused by internal problem or issue, please let me know by replying.

Hope this helps!