How to solve common glitch problems

Something took too long to do.

What can you do to fix this?

Solution 1: Run the following command in your projects console: curl -I If you see something like HTTP 429 in the response that means that your project is on a banned host. That means that you will have to head over to this topic and leave reply to it, with the name of the project having the problem. If you did not get HTTP 429, then you are most likely not on a banned host and will have to create a new topic to see what might be causing the error!

Solution 2: If this is urgent, and you need this fixed as soon as possible, then you can remix the project, and change the project name to what you had the old one set to (So uptime robot pings it) and remove the old project
This step is not recommended if you have any custom domains added to the project having the error

Storage is full

What can you do to fix this?

Solution 1: Head over to your projects console and run the following commands:

git prune
git gc

Running those commands should lower your projects space, but you could also get an error running git gc saying that you do not have enough space to use the command, if that happens you will have to create a topic, and request that you are given additional project space (Which will stay for 24 hours). Once you are given the extra space, run those commands again!

Solution 2: Another solution would be to delete your .git file in your project. To do this, simply go to your console and run this command: rm -rf .git. This will clear up a lot of used space.
*This option is not recommended if you would like to be able to keep a history of your project that you can go back to with the rewind feature.

How to stop your project space from increasing:
To stop your projects space from always filling up, create a file called .gitignore, on each line of that file, enter the filename/directory of a file that is always being updated, like a database file, every time the database is changed, the file updates, and adds to your projects space, simply put the filename/directory into the .gitignore file, and it will no longer add to your projects space every time it is updated. The file will not be visible in the file tree after you add it to the .gitignore, but will still be there, to get to the file again, just remove from the .gitignore add refresh the page! Don’t forget to add it back when you are done

Package will not install

What can you do to fix this?

Solution 1: Make sure you are not using npm. Glitch uses something known as pnpm which is like npm, but way more efficient and helps conserve more space when installing packages pnpm is 3 times faster than npm so it is very handy!

Solution 2: Run the following commands in your console:

rm shrinkwrap.yaml

If you delete shrinkwrap.yaml and run enable-pnpm from your project’s console it will update your project to clean versions of all of your packages

Package is in package.json but logs say it is missing

What can you do to fix this?

Solution 1: This could mean that there is an error in your package,json that is stopping your project from installing the modules listed in the package.json, make sure to go through and check to make sure all versions are valid, and module names are correct!

Solution 2: Try running the following commands to see if this helps solve the error:

rm shrinkwrap.yaml

Discord bot won’t stay online / project won’t stay up

What can you do to fix this?

This is most likely caused by not having uptime robot setup.

After registering an account on UptimeRobot it should redirect you to your dashboard ( if it doesn’t, then go to the home page and click Login or click here ). Once in your dashboard, click + Add New Monitor. Under Monitor Information there will be a dropdown with the following options:


Select HTTP(s), and when you do, 2 boxes and a slidable bar should appear. In Friendly Name, give the monitor whatever name you please. In URL (or IP) type in your Glitch project’s name followed by


Leave the Monitoring Interval * bar at 5 minutes; the exact amount of time your bot will stay awake on its own before sleeping.

In Select “Alert Contacts To Notify” just check the first email that pops up ( there should be only one unless you’ve added more ). Then click Create Monitor, and that’s it!

I did do this at like 4 am haha, so if there are any problems let me know and I will fix them!!
I will be adding more to this from time to time!

Created: 21/7/2019
Last updated: 22/7/2019


@Callum-OKane i have a package known as glitch-host, and running it should tell you if your bot is banned.

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Yes, I saw that, will take a look at it!

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I’m using Uptime Robot, but my bot still restarts every day… I tried to have 3 Uptime Robots, but still the same… What can I do?

When a glitch project runs for 12 hours, it is forcefully stopped, then uptime robot is what brings it back online.

im updating the database which will be saving the darn projects to, that will give everyone a better chance to help fix our huge discord host recycling problem

theres ya banned host code, all nice and proper

Hey @Callum-OKane,

Great work with listing all the common problems or issues that are frequently asked within the forum.
Whilst it is not entirely complete, I’d like to add on some other errors and problem regarding Glitch that users often face.
I will later let you know if I’ve to make some changes.

Thanks for the great work, good job!

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After long enough of inactivity, i am resuming this project of glitch host, expect an update soon :wink:

this update shall be releasing at 2:00 AM EST Tomorrow, or, 2 hours…