How to stop MediaPlayPause in terminal

Hello all,
I am new here and new to programming. Im following along a tutorial and when i am in the terminal/console I notice that there is a command being auto generated which is: MediaPlayPause
Im sure this will serve some purpose later on but its kind of annoying how it keeps popping up. Is there a way to disable this command from auto generating in the terminal/console?

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There is a surely a way to do most things but we don’t know what tutorial you are following and it might be “how to make a MediaPlayPause pop up” in which case it is working as designed.

Many of the questions here (as well as other support groups) simply doesn’t anywhere near enough information. Good luck on your programming but pretend we don’t have any idea what you are working on… because we don’t :slight_smile:

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Can you send the tutorial link so we can understand what you’re asking more?

@OkayBoomer Hi, sorry for the delay in response but I think I figured it out. I noticed as I was going through the tutorial every time I pressed play or pause on the video then the mediaPlayPause text was auto generated in the console for some reason so basically that text was synced with me pressing the play and pause button; however the tutorial I completed was - APIs for Beginners - How to use an API (Full Course / Tutorial)

Im still very new to this but if I say anything inaccurate my apologies. But in this tutorial we used twilio helper libraries to send and receive messages in an app. We made two versions of the app one with node.js and the other with python.

@tleylan sorry for delay in response. I noticed every time I pressed play or pause on my tutorial video then the mediaPlayPause text was generated in the console.

I scanned the video I’m not going to watch the entire thing in realtime :slight_smile: but it sounds like maybe it is just console logging a message to the terminal, is that the case? That’s nothing and easily removed by commenting out the console.log line.

I see they installed it on Glitch that should help you. I see they are using Express for the server, you might (eventually) want to explore an updated alternative.

@tleylan Thanks! I appreciated the feedback. and yes hopefully I will start to understand the significance of the role the type of servers play in coding, like you said Express is outdated and to be honest I don’t know what I don’t know , you know? haha. I’m pretty new but I like this stuff. thanks for the feedback.

Whenever I physically pressed the play and pause button on my laptop as you can see ^ the “mediaPlayPause” text generates in the command line or terminal/console.

Ah! Has the issue been fixed?

Ok I understand now. I will suggest this is caused by 2 things. The first is that your console has the focus when you are pressing the buttons. If you move the focus to another window, the code or log window it should not happen. Now why? I assume this is how the keyboard talks to the application. It is sending output to a standard device.

If you press the A key an "A "will appear and when you press the “programmed” buttons it sends the sequence which in this case are the words you are seeing.