How to sync glitch cosnsole


I want to know how I can sync my glitch project’s console, so, everytime I open it, it gives me the last output.

Hello, @TheBigerGamer, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

There’s no way to be sure you’re going to get the latest line of output from your project in the Logs pane (which is what I’m assuming you mean when you say “console”, but please correct me if I’m wrong). The Logs pane more or less captures stdout + stderr and shows it to you, but it’s transitory; if you’re not actively connected to the project, when you reconnect the logs pane will connect to the log stream coming from the project, but any messages that have already been sent are gone forever.

If you need to be able to look at the history of your project in a reliable way you’ll need to implement some sort of logging of your own; there are numerous ways to log your project’s output to a file, for example, or you could send it off-site somewhere for later review.

Hope this helps!