How to the write the console in the Android OS?

Hi! I can’t write glitch console in Android OS. Help me, please?

Hi, could you attach a screenshot if possible? That would help us understand what’s happening.

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I just conferred with the team and right now the console only works on Android with an external keyboard.

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External keyboard? I also have this issue, as does apple iOS, I also cannot delete or edit anything off the coding files …

You can connect keyboards to mobile devices with Bluetooth. This is just related to the console though, you should be able to edit files on mobile without issue. Are you having problems with all projects or just one? Is this separate from the issue you were having recently in [RESOLVED]Fatal error please help?

Yes, this is separate. It is all of my projects on glitch, as I thought it might have just been cookiebo. My friend who uses an Apple phone (ew) cannot write to console although he can edit the code itself. I can write but cannot edit what I write or what previously existed.

Sorry to hear that, let us know your browser version and OS and we’ll take a look into this for you.

Chrome 68.0.3440.91
Android 7.0.0; ASUS_A006 Build/NRD90M

We haven’t been able to reproduce, so it could be a plugin: these a known to cause issues but it could be others too. Let us know if you still have the same issue in an incognito window. Thanks.

Tested, negative. I still cannot edit or delete current existing text nor text I type in

@Gareth!TmxwgCLb!frh_c2IUXOwxPgBKU9eanvlv9fgIIMa7x6aBt8Q77FM To show my issues.

I had experianced same problem on android, Unable to write in the console while using Chrome & FireFox. You can download Puffin Browser ( I don’t recommend using this as a daily browser ) it will allow you to write in console.

Which keyboard are you using there, or is it a skin on the default keyboard?

Kika. However, I have tried on the default as well

Kika keyboard.

Thanks, we’ll try and reproduce so we can find a fix.

Any luck? :confused:

I made this thread for using the console on android: Using console on Android