How to upload a node module?

Hello there. I am hosting my Discord bot here and I need the “discord.js” to make it run alright. The problem is I can’t upload carpets to the assets. So could you explain me how can I upload a node module?

By “carpets” do you mean folders? If so, then I don’t think there’s an easy way from the web UI to drop in an entire folder. When people have a lot of files to manage, they often link their Glitch accounts to GitHub and then pull in a GitHub repo full of files. If you want to do that, click the project name (in the upper left of the page), then click “Advanced options” and “Import from GitHub”.

To import various node packages from npm, all you need to do is open the package.json file. Click the “Add Package” button on the top left of the file editor and then type discord.js in the search bar. Click on the discord.js item and it will automatically add that module to your project. Enjoy. :slight_smile: