How to use custom domains?

Hello and welcome to my first tutorial! I am going to show you how to connect your project to a custom domain.

second part :

Sites that I used in this tutorial.

  1. Get a domain with freenom

  2. Choose a domain name

  3. Click checkout

  4. Choose the time you want it to be active (you can renew it whenever you want.)

  5. Click Continue

  6. Login or create a new account in this page.

  7. On homepage (dont care the background on photo) Click Hello {yourname} and click View Cart

  8. Accept Terms of service and click Complete Order

  9. Turn back to main page and choose My Domains

  10. Your domain should be infront of you.


Just out of curiosity why did you select 3 years then selected 12 months?

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Beacuse 12 months is what you can get best for free. I accidentally clicked 3 years but i changed it for not to pay money :slight_smile:

Hi @Mustafa!
Your tutorial is looking good!
I wouldn’t recommend using Freenom. I have heard mixed experiences of people who have used them. And a free domain should be a huge red flag! You should use reputable services like (I use this for one .com domain) or one local (e.g. I use a UK-based service for a and domain). My domain only costs £5 a year and I get mail included.
May I also add that you should add the second part of the tutorial to this thread, you won’t need two.


Hello @EddiesTech!
Thank you for your comment. I did a tutorial about freenom because most of the people in Glitch (as i see in forum and youtube) uses freenom. And why i did this 2 parts is because i was lagging bad, (my computer is not very strong) i couldnt do it longer. I will get the second part ready in my tablet. :innocent:

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Look at these reviews and you’ll see what I mean:

It’s fine to do it in 2 parts, just don’t make a new thread. Make a new post on this thread :slight_smile:

Cloudflare regestrar is pretty good, I got my $100 a year domain down to $8 a year.

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Anything is cheaper than GoDaddy :joy:


Yeah don’t use GoDaddy, I made that mistake one too many times. :skull:

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Luckily for me I don’t make any mistakes :sunglasses:

And use probably the best domain registrar, porkbun.

Expect the .at domain which I plan on buying, they are the cheapest.

Hello guys! Here is the cloudflare part for you all!

Sites :

  1. Add a custom domain to your project.

  2. Write custom domain and click “add domain”

  3. If you didnt still logged in to cloudflare, login now.

  4. Press “add site”

  5. Enter the name of your site and click “add site”

(You should wait a couple seconds.)

  1. Choose a plan. (If you dont have a budget you can choose “free”)

  2. Wait for a DNS scan.

  3. Add a CNAME record with this settings and click “save”.

  4. Click “contuniue”

  5. We will change our nameservers.

  6. Go back to and on services tab click “my domains”

  7. Choose your domain and click button “manage domain”

  8. In “manage tools” click “nameservers”

  9. Change your nameservers. change as and

  10. Click “change nameservers”

! WARNING ! Wait up to 48 hours for your nameservers to change :slight_smile:

I wish this tutorial was helpfull!!1!!!
(woa i got promoted lol)

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