How to Use Mediasoup or Kurento Media Server in Glitch app

Mediasoup requires server’s public ip to initialize ,to get which is a puzzle.
Kurento Media Server doesnt require server’s public ip but how to set it up on Glitch is unknown.Would greatly appreciate any help to solve this .
Currently trying examples which works on localhost & which works on localhost & ngrok

IPs of Glitch servers are always going to be tricky because of a few factors:

  1. Glitch projects do not have unique IPs. Glitch projects are hosted on “containers” which are pretty much VMs in VMs.
  2. Glitch project IPs change from time to time. This is because of how Glitch works.

You can try to get the current IP of your project by running ping and getting the result of that.


Thanks for your reply.Yes, each second I run my project the browser request header shows a different IP .Mediasoup however requires an IP on initialization so i guess pinging might not fulfill the objective.
However Kurento documentation requires installation, could this be possible via Glitch terminal ??

Additionally, the containers sometimes move to different AWS servers, which would change their IPs.