How to use node-turn?

I am using this npm package - (node-turn - npm)

I wrote the code on the node js server
But don’t know how to connect to the server on the client-side through WebRTC.

Glitch allows clients to connect to projects over a protocol called HTTP. A client can send an HTTP request to your project’s subdomain and Glitch will deliver that request to your project’s container through a port, usually 3000. And that’s about it. There are a few other ways to connect to a project, but they’re reserved for project members.

I’m going to ask this next part as a question so that you have a chance to do some research yourself, or maybe you’re already aware:

Does the package you’re asking about provide a service over HTTP?

If it does, then you’d have it listen on that port and set up your client to send its requests to your project’s subdomain.

I am not sure but I found another service which is way more reliable and free. The website is called xirsys. I don’t even know if the npm package is even supported anymore but thanks anyway!

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