How to use scss in glitch

Hello so I am trying to use scss but I don’t know how to compile it I saw somewhere to download the package but there’s no package manager.

Hi @INeal1315 - welcome! This isn’t the most up-to-date playlist of sass examples, but I hope it would be a good start to steer you in the direction you’re trying to head: Glitch: The friendly community where everyone builds the web

Basically, in order to use packages, you need a package.json file. If you don’t want the app to be full stack like that old example is, you should look into how generated static sites work on Glitch. Check out the React or Glitch In Bio starters on our Discover page, and you can read more about how to set a project as a generated static site in the docs: I noticed a “glitch” entry in the Glitch In Bio, React and Eleventy starter projects’ package.json. What does that do? - Glitch Support

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