How to use SQLite framework provided by Glitch

Can anyone point me to a thread, or external link to help understand how to use the sqlite database framework provided as a Glitch Template? Total newbie. Thank you.

Hi @jmichalenko! Are you referencing this demo --> ? Without knowing more about your situation, I would recommend something like this tutorial to get you started:
Can you tell me some more about which parts are giving you trouble? I can try to find something more specific to your needs!

Thank you so much for your reply (admittedly, I’m close to throwing in the white towel :)).

My ultimate goal would be to do a small project that uses a cloud database like Mongodb Atlas to maintain a small cloud based database.

Like this project, but I can’t get it to work:!/join/{token removed}

I am a newbie. I have some experience using mongodb/node locally. That is why I thought I would start out with the more simple sqlite project (I think I understand this one now, but the data I think disappears as soon as glitch project is stopped on glitch server.)

I’ve tried using the monogodb glitch project, but can’t get my cluster to connect properly. Any help or suggestions are greatly, greatly appreciated. Thank you again, jmichalenko

MOD EDIT: removed project token

Hey! It looks like the mods removed the token so that it won’t be public – you can either share the name of the project (if it’s public) or you can send me the join link (the one you tried to share here) via DM if you’d like me to look at it!

Thank you so much for reaching out. Really, really appreciate it. I got what I was trying to do working. I wrote up the instructions for the next person trying to do the same. Thank you so much again.