How to use subdomains in flask?

im trying to use subdomain in flask but i get an error

Well, you found a glitch.

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@app.route(‘/’, subdomain=‘test’)
def practice():
return “test”
now the service works but when i go to i get a warning from my anti-virus and from chrome and when i skip them alll i get that error
i tried on localhost too and it doesnt work so i dont know how to set them up the tutorials i saw say something about ect/hosts but i still dont understand i thought all i needed to do was add subdomain in the route and it would work

This might help you: Subdomain in Flask | Python - GeeksforGeeks

so i just need to make a file called hosts and add and my subdomain?

there’s more than the route you need

:white_check_mark: subdomain resolves to server
:x: server has certificate for subdomain
:x: server can deliver request to app
:white_check_mark: app can handle request

unfortunately those middle two would be up to glitch; they’re not under your control.