HTML CSS editors doesn't update the changes that I made to the page

Trying to edit a page that I’ve just started to create. No single update is visible in “show”. What shall I do? (browser and laptop already restarted)

Hey @stasiamio I did a brief test on that project and couldn’t reproduce what I understand to be the issue from what you mentioned - I’m able to update the html and css files and see the changes reflected in the live site. Can you walk me through exactly what you’re seeing step-by-step so we can troubleshoot it?

Dear Cori!

Thank you very much for getting back to me. Here attached is the printscreen. The changes that I tried to make today, not yesterday, are not reflected. For example. Even the simple syntaxis error like ‘Events’ in the very beginning I see like ‘Evnts’. I corrected it but it doesn’t work. All the ids and classes that I’ve given in HTML and trying to use CSS are not working either.

Thank you in advance for your help.

(Attachment PrintScreenSite.docx is missing)

Hi @stasiamio Discrouse’s email server seems not to like your attachment. If you could head over to HTML CSS editors doesn't update the changes that I made to the page and add it there that might work better.

Dear Cori!
Please, see attached!

Hello, Cori!
Any comments?

hi stasiamio! i am not sure if this is why things aren’t updating, but i took a look at your code and it looks like some of your css is invalid. in style_copyAA.css you have:

h1 {position:absolute; margin-top: -50px
  font-style: italic;
  color: rgb(73,106,138);

if you put a semi-colon after that -50px the text should overlap. let me know if that updates for you when you make the change, if not we can try something else!

Dear Jenn!
Thank you for your answer. The semicolon is missing indeed. I was asking some strangers for help and maybe that was the moment, when the sign disappeared. thanks. But still. if you go to the HTML editor, please, look at the spelling in h1 “events”. I corrected the spelling, but it was not changed. Same problem for that I added and some other spelling corrections. It looks like HTML editor is not responding anymore. Can I do something to reactivate it?

are you editing the right HTML file - I see you’re updating index_copyAA.html instead of index.html where the changes would need to be done

Oh, really! Yes, I’m updating HTML copy AA at the moment. I understood that I could create a copy and rename it. Wrong? Same with CSS.

the app is looking for index.html when you go to the app URL, so any changes you want to be seen on the app will have to go in that file. if you want the app to go to index_copyAA.html, you’ll need to update server.js to send that file instead of index.html.

Jenn, thank you very much, I didn’t understand it from the beginning. Strange, but the changes in CSS copyAA were visible. I’ll be using the original file for now. When it’s ready, how can I store it to have simple link?

The copyAA css works because your index file is importing it: <link rel="stylesheet" href="/style_copyAA.css">

I’m not sure what you mean by “how can i store it to have a simple link.” do you mean, how do you get the index AA copy to be viewable, you can try adding another route to server.js like:

app.get('/copy', function(request, response) {
  response.sendFile(__dirname + '/views/index_copyAA.html');

this is telling the app that if a user goes to, show them index_copyAA.html

Thank you very much!