Html-db, back for the 3rd re-run!

well, i could not help myself, html-db has been laying in waste for 5 months with no updates, i almost lost hope for a new idea, then it came, publish it on reddit, update it, implement it into xent, the whole kebab, everything, and guess what, it is back and better than ever! those pesky save and load options are gone, i am updating the code so it is easier to understand, i am listening to complaints, everything, so

start to relearn it, and if i get enough upvotes, i will add in even more things, like encryption, web connections, the whole ball game.

gl and happy glitching!

current verions

beta: 3.0.102-dev
latest: 3.0.100-dev

It would be wonderful if you started writing a bit on the npm page. Usually people start looking at a library by looking at would first shows up on npm.

Let’s put it into Xent!

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in fact , we need someone to rewrite it, if you look at older versions well, see for yourself

update: i am back home, so time to continue

update: to give everyone who actually does use it ( over 100 ) a better chance at helping with bugs

i will be publishing it to gitlab, and adding an experimental module that does something that i like to call perma-crypt impossible to breach, once this module is added, html-db will be pushed to github almost immediately, with no pause, and then a new tag of html db will be pushed, @experimental and a new update to @beta will appear before the push to gitlab, i hope this makes sense!

update: gitlab will be round midnight tonight ( EST)