Html-db has finally returned

this time, HTML-DB is back, and for good!

yarn package:


HTML-DB works by creating stringified JSON / SQL (when the plugin comes out) databases that are quick to call, have no need to save anything to any file, and is extremely fast.

requirements: fs, child-process

the requirements are only needed if you want to save it to a file


can you tell me about how you chose the name HTML-DB?

also a suggestion: use file APIs instead of shelling out to echo and cat

that was a recent update, im embedding the old html db into the new version, the original name was from an HTML only database

note: i recently found a bug that took me 4 hours to fix, and was pretty obvious, to those that use html-db, all usage to the package has been restored, and is fully functional as of version :
do not update to 2.0.40 if any package manager suggests to, it is not viable and does not work