[HTML] How would I make the following: A user can select multiple files to download and

when they hit download (after selecting their files) it not just downloads the files but put the assets into the same folder (some will need to go in a different folder) to make one big package file. An example is: User selects file 1, 2, 3 and 4. File 1 and 2 have contents in Folder 1 while 3 and 4 go in Folder 2 and then the user downloads a single .zip file with the folders in it (Some of the folders will be sub-folders). Any idea how i could achieve this?

I’m not fully sure what you are trying to explain but you would most likely have to use a JavaScript and or a backend language to achieve this.

Please ask me a couple of questions as to what i mean. Any idea what the code may look like?

Here is an article about converting files into a ZIP format in Node.js.

There is a package called archiver.