Html-pdf package not working in production

Greetings everyone, as a new user, and newbie programming fan.

Actually my app is up and running great, under node js runtime. But a feature that is working in development-localhost, is doing nothing in production.

The package is html-pdf, used to create a pdf file or buffer ( i am actually using buffer) from html string. Then, i use it as an attachment for an email, using nodemailer package. The result is an empty/faulty pdf buffer/file. As i said, working great in development environment.

I must say that the html-pdf package is deprecated at npm, and the system trows a warning: found 1 critical severity vulnerability… which is associated with the aforementioned package, html-pdf. Is this the cause ?. Or you guys have a clue about the origin ?

Thank you very much.

You may be getting the deprecation warning as one of html-pdf’s dependencies is deprecated:

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