HTML web page looks very buggy and I don't understand how to edit this tab changer

The colour is really off and it isn;t inline with the white thing. Can i not just make the tab changer be the white text? Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 00.54.45

To make it inline you could use




To make it white colored you could put in your css:

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add :visited to your selector that changes the tab changer color

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your code could be like

a:visited {

I though the OP said that he wanted it white forever

Hmmm, it might be better to use inherit rather than a definite color for a tags so that it inherits the color defined for the parent div - might be useful when you have multiple a tags and you don’t want all of them to have the same colors

The probably isn’t a parent div, but inheriting would work just like @khalby786 said.