Html2canvas script doesn't load

This is my project:!/twit-original

I have the html2canvas script loaded in my index.html but when I try to use it in my javascript it gives a ‘html2canvas’ is not defined error

It looks like the Promised-based feature is from html2canvas v1 but the glitch has html2canvas v0.4.1 loaded. The docs for v0.4.1 look like they are here:

Alternatively you can use the newer one from here:

Oh @rajsite forgot to mention, html2canvas above v1 doesn’t load. Tried it already. If I drop it in the project it just shows an empty file.

There are copy/paste size restrictions and limits on the size of file that are shown in the editor ( If it’s a library file, I suggest referencing it directly or uploading the file to assets and referencing it from there.

Added it to the assets folder and linked to it in index.html, still getting ‘html2canvas’ is not defined. (this is the 1.0.0-alpha.9 version)

It’s just warning from the linter, the code will still work if it’s valid. You can add /* global html2canvas */ to the top of the file to make the warning go away.

Ah ok, got it working. thank you!!