HTTP Forbidden 403 Error on my bot


In the past couple of days my bot has been unable to work. The bot won’t even load and I don’t know why this would ever happen. I can’t do anything that be project, remix, change the name, or delete it. It’s just loading and loading and tells me every time to refresh, yet it never works?


Let us know the project name and we’ll take a look.


The project is called egg-bot


Hi, your project was suspended because of excess disk usage; we sent you a couple of emails in advance to warn you so that you could fix it, perhaps they got in the spam folder? We’re giving you again a bigger disk for 24 hours, so that you have a chance to get below 200MB of disk usage.

Make sure you add to .gitignore all the files that are changed often by your program, and/or put those files in .data so that they’re automatically ignored.


I have deleted many things on the project. Yet still the disk space won’t go down. I’ve deleted all music aspects and some leveling aspects. Even if I delete all my code the disk space still stays the same. I have no idea how to decrease it…


Actually nevermind.
I was looking around for help and discovered that I can use git gc in the console. It helped a lot and now I only take up about 18mb. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.


If you had assets or data files which weren’t .gitignored then it’s likely your .git directory taking up all the space. This can be deleted so long as you don’t need to rollback right now. It’ll re-create itself going forward.