HTTPS Not Working on Second Custom Domain

I’m working on a project that has two custom domains. When requesting the project via HTTP, it works just fine using either domain. However, when I use HTTPS, the custom domain I added first works just fine, but the second one gives me an error, specifically the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED message in Chrome.

Both domains are subdomains of the same apex domain, and I have verified that it is not an issue with my domain provider, since HTTPS works fine on both domains when using a host other than Glitch.
I’ve hosted several sites on Glitch before with this domain provider and HTTPS has worked perfectly fine, the only difference I see with this project is that I am using two custom domains at once.

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Hi - we are aware that SSL certs are not being created for newly added domains. The team is looking into a solution with the service we use for this particular feature. We will post updates here as they come: Glitch Status - New custom domain SSL certs not resolving

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Hi there, I’ve posted a larger update with regards to this incident here: Temporary end-of-support for adding new custom domains

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