Https on my site is not secure anymore

Hi, I just started using fly to secure my website and it used to be secure, but now it’s not.
Now i am getting this. Why?

The norwegian text translated to english: attackers may be able to see the photos you see on this site and fool you by changing them

Hello @ramoth123,

Can you go to the site on and go to the Middleware section, and go to the bottom and enable “Upgrade http” and tell me if that fixes things!

hi @Callum-OKane I cant find the middleware section


Did you setup your site through ?

oh yes i did, and i already have HTTPS Upgrader


Hey @ramoth123 when I load that site I do not see a security warning - are you still seeing this?

If you are, what network are you browsing from? It’s not uncommon for some sorts of restricted network environments to muck with SSL certificates, occasionally replacing a perfectly valid one with their own, often as part of an anti-virus solution. This can cause the issue you’re seeing.

Hi, yes i fixed it. There was a link i used that wasn’t secure. But i fixed everything now

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