Hyperdev art - are you retiring it forever?

Hi Glitch! nice to meet you.

I love the original hummingbird so much, and wonder if I can borrow it for the beta stuff I’m doing, which is called birdybook, and is my first attempt at programming, and is built in hyperdev. Gomix. Glitch. the front end is uuuugggly but i promise I won’t leave it ugly if I can borrow the hummingbird.

Totally understand if not.

Appreciate watching you guys beta this. It’s fun to see fogcreek developing product strategy.

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Hey johncgilmore,

I’m glad you liked the bird :slight_smile: . I honestly don’t know what we’ll do with it in the future. We replaced it with the fish not because we didn’t like it but because we wanted something that stood out and reflected the new name more. Unfortunately, because we haven’t 100% retired it, it’s not quite public domain.

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totally get it! thanks!

Hi, can you expand on how the fish reflect the new name?

so I’ve been meaning to write about this more, but here’s some off the cuff bits about the new logo:

  • the two fishes correlate to an idea of teamwork, collaboration and moving together. the fish are generally more about this, than they are a visual representation of a ‘glitch’
  • multiple fishes are referred to as a ‘school’, and one of our many goals is to help teachers
  • in japan, the :flags: emoji represents koinobori which are flown for children’s day
  • we wanted a logo that we could associate with an emoji (:flags:) in social/sharing contexts
  • the red belly ‘cutlines’ in the fish are vaguely patterned how jpgs glitch out

hope this is helpful :slight_smile:


Thanks, that was helpful. Can you expand on how fish are a visual representation of a ‘glitch?’

Whoops I was unclear,
The fish are more about teamwork. They aren’t primarily intended to be a literal interpretation of the word Glitch