HyperDev down / Any chance of getting status.hyperdev.com?


Looks like HyperDev is down. Recognize HyperDev is in Beta still, but damn the consequences, I’m using it in a curriculum we use to teach students Node.

Would be great if there was a go-to place for system status updates, with reporting on ETA for fixing, etc.


Hi BenjaminEwhite,

Thanks for the time you spent on HyperDev, and we are glad to know you use HyperDev to teach!

We are really sorry for all the downtime. We are working hard at improving the situation (and the latest deploys caused some downtime since they were quite big changes), and I am confident that next week you will notice a higher level of stability.

We will also provide some form of update, whenever we will have any downtime again. We still need to place this kind of reports in our workflow, but they will be in place soon.

Thanks again, and please report any issue you have (along with good news of course! :slight_smile: )


Perhaps an official Twitter or so?


Hey chuck-wood,

We’ve got an official twitter @gomixme, but it’s also for marketing stuff. Getting a real status page (ideally something you could subscribe to) is on our radar for sure


oh ya, we’ve got a real status page now (formerly gomix.com/status) :open_mouth:


Did this get moved or abandoned?


it’s at http://status.glitch.com/