HyperDev Tutorial

Project URL: https://denim-warlock.hyperdev.space/

A hyperdev tutorial that takes you through four exercises - a simple jQuery intro, a persistence task, a templating task, and a task that will ask you to store secrets to the .env file to work with the Twitter API.


Thanks Nancy! :100:

It’s awesome to see people remixing this and working through it… if anyone wants to share their remixes, we’d love to see what they look like. As we hear about more technologies that have some enthusiasm behind them, we’ll want to extend this past the first few exercises.

Love it :sunglasses:

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You’re welcome! And yes - I’ll be eager to build it out more as we learn more about what users are interested in!

Fixed a bug on this. (Realized that my spinner made all of Exercise 4 invisible until user input Twitter API secrets, and in doing so also made the directions to input Twitter API secrets invisible… Whoops.)

Love this concept, but already stuck in exercise 1 (well now my remix is stuck in 503 errors).

Tiny typo-- Exercise 1 instructs to make the button move class .rocketship but in css it is an id #rocketship

Thanks for pointing that out, @cogdog! I just fixed that mistake. (Your remix will still show the same error, unfortunately, but future remixes won’t.) The project is a work in progress, so I appreciate the feedback!

I’ve also been finding that a good percentage of the time, if I can get to my editor, making a change (just adding a space or adding and then deleting any character) to package.json or server.js will pull my projects out of that 503.

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“Could not connect to project” at that url.

Hi @maphew! HyperDev has been significantly overhauled since I made this project, and while it’s a lot easier to work in HyperDev now, most of this project isn’t really relevant - I’ve got some work to do to bring it up to date. The good news is any Node tutorial should work with HyperDev - you just get to skip the parts about getting your environment set up, and you can get straight to coding.

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