HyperDev upgraded to Node 6.5 with no fanfare?

Looks like HyperDev is using Node 6.5 now?

Is that stable? I have a bunch of HyperDevs that use --harmony_destructuring flag which are now broken. I’m fine with updating with them, but want to ensure that this change is not temporary.



Yes, we plan on being on the 6.x branch as default for a while, sorry for the lack of notice! I think it’s actually running 6.9.1 but the popup notification is inaccurate. Coming soon we’ll also have a way to specify the version from engines in package.json but it’s not quite ready yet.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for replying! And hurray for the 6.x upgrade (and impending version specification).

Sidenote: noticed the new git commit message feature. Also :thumbsup: x :100: