I accidentally deleted the server.js file from my project. I can't go back

I accidentally deleted the server.js file from my project. I can’t go back.

Can you take my project back an hour?

Hi @Neunmillimeter, welcome to the Glitch forum!

You should be able to use the Rewind feature to look back in your project’s history to recover the missing file. Can you give that a whirl and let us know how you get on?

I accidentally deleted the server.js file while deleting unnecessary files. I noticed it after closing the page. Later when I press the rewind feature. He showed me this post “Your timeline grows as you edit.”

Please help me.

We’d be happy to take a look, but we’ll need to know your project name to do so; can you provide that, please?

Rewind 3 hours please.

Project name: discord-moderation-bot27

It looks to me like you’ve deleted your .git directory, I presume because you were nearly out of space. That’s why your Rewind is empty and why simply deleting that directory isn’t the best solution for that problem. Glitch full disk error is a better approach to dealing with this issue that retains your ability to Rewind while also helping with your .git directory growing too large.

Here is a list of backups we have for your project, along with their timestamp in UTC and their rough size; please choose one you’d like us to restore and let us know which one.

  "0:2019-08-08T11:45:02.000Z [94.16MB]",
  "1:2019-08-08T11:34:08.000Z [94.16MB]",
  "2:2019-08-08T10:18:51.000Z [94.16MB]",
  "3:2019-08-08T10:05:47.000Z [94.16MB]",
  "4:2019-08-08T09:54:47.000Z [94.16MB]",
  "5:2019-08-08T09:43:48.000Z [189.87MB]",
  "6:2019-08-08T09:32:50.000Z [190.17MB]",
  "7:2019-08-08T09:21:49.000Z [190.16MB]",
  "8:2019-08-08T09:10:52.000Z [190.16MB]",
  "9:2019-08-08T08:59:51.000Z [190.16MB]",
  "10:2019-08-08T08:48:51.000Z [190.17MB]",
  "11:2019-08-08T08:37:53.000Z [190.16MB]",
  "12:2019-08-08T08:26:55.000Z [190.16MB]",
  "13:2019-08-08T08:16:03.000Z [190.16MB]",
  "14:2019-08-08T08:05:00.000Z [190.16MB]",
  "15:2019-08-08T07:53:59.000Z [190.16MB]",
  "16:2019-08-08T07:42:59.000Z [190.16MB]",
  "17:2019-08-08T07:31:59.000Z [190.16MB]",
  "18:2019-08-08T07:20:59.000Z [190.16MB]",
  "19:2019-08-08T07:10:02.000Z [190.15MB]"

I choose this time

“9: 2019-08-08T08: 59: 51.000Z [190.16MB]”,

Hey! Are you here?



I’ve restored that backup; please let us know if you run into any problems or wish us to restore a different one.

Happy Glitching!

Thanks for everything!

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