I accidentally overwrote a weekend worth of work


My project coal-list - I overwrote it this afternoon - then realised later it is where I had stored about 24hrs worth of work - I read I can get it back via git? I tried but can not find the command line…are you able to help?


The console is available under advanced options from the top-left project info menu in the editor.

Let us know if you aren’t able to restore it and we can do it for you - just give us an approximate time to restore to.


When I downloaded a project of mine, I was surprised to find that Glitch stored all of my revisions in git. If you download the project, then type git log, you might be able to recover your old work that way.


Hi Gareth,

I got into the console and logged, and saw that the version I wanted was made on the 26th Feb, and I then overwrote it on 4th Mar - I am not confident enough with git to restore it - so would be really grateful if you would. I tried to follow the directions in another post - but once I had done my git log I could not access the cursor again to do anything else in the console.


Would anyone be able to restore my coal-list back to where it was last on 26th Feb
(before I overwrote it)
I’ve tried to download it - but can’t figure out how to do it.
Also have got into console, but can’t get it to take any other command except git log.


Hi @jacqui-maclean,

I’ve restored it to how it was at Mon Feb 26 2018 20:54:12 GMT+0000 (UTC) :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!! :smile: