I accidently swiped a file into a 150+ lines of code. Now it's all gone

Hello. The title says it all. I’m talking about server.js . Project: msg-verify.glitch.me
I accidently swiped an image in. Byebye 150+ lines of code. :frowning:

Ctrl+z does not work… Any help?

Update. Someone reminded me I put all my code on a pastebin to ask him for help. So I got it back, thanks anyway!

For the next time: There’s a rewind thingie in Glitch. As long as you didn’t delete your project and start anew, you should be able to search “Rewind” in the searchbar and see the changes you did to any files in the past inside your project.

Also, if you drag an image in it just shows that file over the top of the current file, it doesn’t replace it. This isn’t intuitive as the file name highlighted in the file tree isn’t updated, but if you click on another file and then click back, you’ll see the original content of the file is unchanged.