I am trying to merge a branch but it does not work

So I am trying to merge a branch to git project but it does not work all it says is Already updated, I then type refresh and it is the same project nothing new.

Try to merge it with another empty project. That would be easier than just fixing the issue :sweat_smile:

I had a problem like this before, and after I did “refresh” I also had to refresh the editor page itself, if you try that it could be the issue!

Did not work it still says already up to date but I do refresh nothing happens

Hey @MaxMorris, welcome to the Glitch forum!

What’s going on here will depend a lot on what the various branches and repos look like and how they’re connected. A starting point might be to tell us exactly what git commands you’re running as well as the output for git branch -l and git remote -v.

Providing your project name might also help.

I am trying to merge the branch i made from my cmd but it keeps saying up to date but none of my files are on the page

I just took a quick look here, @MaxMorris, but what I see is that mybranch has the contents of https://glitch.com/~hello-express and indeed when I Remix that project I have the same commit on my git repo’s HEAD as your mybranch does - namely, the one with SHA1 hash of 988db9b862c6220e0d0cd3a3a7fdfca860d60be4.

In your project’s repo on the master branch there’s one subsequent commit after that (with SHA1 05864c33789f868eab236cbf3719322ce15c5681) which deletes three files. master and mybranch have an identical history except that one commit, so when git looks at master it sees that all the contents of mybranch are already present and gives you the message you’ve seen. I’m checking this mostly using git log --stat (I originally ran git log --stat --graph on each branch to get an idea of how the two branches were related).

This is all expected behavior, so I’m wondering if you expect changes in mybranch that aren’t there (at least in that project’s git repo).

I know there’s some technical jargon in this response, so if you need additional clarification about anything I mentioned, please let me know and I’d be happy to try to make it clearer.

I found my problem thanks for all the help!

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