I backed up every topic on the Glitch Forum

I backed up all 17,000 topics from the forum so you didn’t have to. I created a simple script that took about 4-5 hours to run.

Download (~11mb):

Simple PHP script:

Some more details:

I ran the script on a Raspberry Pi with 4gbs of ram. At it’s peak, the script used about <1% of the machine’s ram. I have about a 350 download and 12 upload internet connection, so if anyone has faster internet you can probably run this a bit faster than I did.

If you plan to try this on your own, don’t do it too often as its quite harsh on the Discourse servers (generates ~50k requests). Be sure to keep your computer online for the full duration of the script to prevent SSH disconnects.

Enjoy, I would love to see what everyone creates with this data.


Wait so all the precious knowledge of this forum is in a single array?

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Every topic from the forum, I didn’t include replies.

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now that’s how you say you didn’t use nodejs without saying that you didn’t use nodejs


you should keep it from adding null objects to the array.


A wonderful attraction for data scientists who want to analyze what the users are saying on the forums.
Maybe run this through a frequency counter and see what is the most said word besides common words like the and obivously the name Glitch


That file is way too big even for Firefox to pretty-print it, what would be an ideal way to use that file in code? Splitting the JSON data into parts?

What’s with all these null elements?

Deleted/hidden threads>

Each null thread is a post. I didn’t record the posts (replies), however I should have.

Xfinity - Pay 300 dollars a month for little to no upload speed.


I’m attempting to make a much more detailed JSON backup of every topic on this forum as @RiversideRocks’ version only gives the content of each thread.

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On a sidenote, my second email has mailing list mode on, so it technically has a month or twos archive of topics including deleted topics, unless of course your topic had the misfortune to end up in the spam folder.

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