I built a cool project. Now what?


Gomix is great. I am a software engineer in a non-web-related field, and with rather little trouble I’ve been able to get an interesting idea up and running on the web. Yay!

So now I’d like to publish the website for the world to use. Gomix afaik does not provide a closed-source way to do this.

So. Where do the cool kids host websites these days? Gomix is so easy to use that I don’t actually know what kind of hosting is required.


hey lsinger,

it’s already published and hosted as you type so no extra hosting is required :sparkles:

the url you get from the hitting the show button is the same url you can give to anyone else. it’s fully public and non-expiring.

if you mean something else though, can you elaborate on what you mean by ‘closed-source’?


As I understand it, any GoMix user can look at and remix my source, so all GoMix projects are open-source. If I wanted to publish a website closed-source, such that someone could not view my server.js file directly, I’d have to do it somewhere else.


ah gotcha,

you can make your gomix project :lock: Private by going to into advanced options from the project menu in the top left.

The code of private projects can’t be viewed at all by anyone you haven’t explicitly invited into your project - thereby making your project closed-source.

hope that helps