I Built an Airtable-based Content Management System on Glitch

Project URL: https://airtable-newsletter-cms.glitch.me

I blogged about it in more depth on dev.to.

The basic idea of the app is that I have an Airtable base filled with items I’d like to eventually send out as part of a link-roundup-style newsletter.

My app formats those links in a standard way using HTML and displays both the raw HTML and what it looks like when rendered, so that I can copy the raw HTML into a service I’m using to send email newsletters.

I made it very easy to remix and customize in case anyone else has the same needs, and password protected it for a little more protection - my newsletter items are private until I am ready to publish them. (The app link I’m sharing here is the one that’s ready to remix; it uses the password test so people can see what the app does before they remix it. The version that’s connected to my ‘real’ newsletter base in Airtable has a safer, my-eyes-only password.)

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Good job! Would love to try it.