I cannot remove a package after storage full

I cant remove package from console, even I deleted it from dependencies.

You can try and free up space in your project. Take a look at the size of your .git directory - git gc and git prune can help reclaim some space, and if you are not concerned about losing your git history, you can remove the .git directory using rm -rf .git from the console.

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ok ill try it thanks :wink:

well still, and the commands isnt working.11

In what way are the commands not working, are you seeing error messages after typing the commands or do you mean they haven’t freed up enough space for you?

i didnt see any error message after type those 2 command, and the storage still full

Share your project URL and we can take a look for you - DM a join link if your project isn’t public.

ok ill do it when the connection if back to normal

Yes, sorry about that - we’re looking into it.

well it seems nothing wront atm, ill pm u the link when it pops up again

btw, how do i send pm to u :thinking:

If you click on the person’s name you will see the option to send a private message. However, the option only shows up once you’ve got enough user points so isn’t available to all users. Let me know if you don’t see the option.

i dont have enough user point :v