I cannot use square brackets

Hi, after I press right Alt key trying to enter square brackets (right Alt + F or G) a plus cursor sign shows. How can I enter square brackets?


if you want to enter square brackets like [ ] in your code you can just type them. There’s no need to use a modifier key. When you hold the alt key you enter multiple cursor selection mode (for typing things on multiple lines at the same time)

Yeah, but I must press right Alt in order to press F or G where are [] brackets located. I can press brackets here, but not in code page.

When I press right Alt, Replace form appears, while mouse cursor becomes a plus sign. I am forced to enter bracket somewhere else adn copy/paste it into a code…

Hi Dagge1,
Is this because you’re using a Croatian or some other international keyboard layout? If so, I’m wondering how other text editing applications (eg sublimetext) work for you? What was your text editor before glitch?

Hello @Pketh,

yes I’m using croatian layout, but it works normally on Notepad++, Brackets and Visual Studio Code (which I use by default)

Hi Dagge1,

I’ll add solving this issue to our backlog in the coming weeks. One of the challenges we’ve got as a web app is that there’s no programmatic way to get keyboard layout from the OS. (We could get locale, but we’d have to make a bad assumption that everyone in croatia uses the croatian layout, and vice versa).

We might solve this with a special croatian exception that remaps a couple things for now, or a more full featured solution like a ui for customizing keyboard shortcuts.

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Hi @pketh,

I have the same problem with slovak keyboard layout and I’m sure czech is also affected.

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is it just entering square brackets that’s an issue or are there other keyboard commands/characters that are also difficult to type?