I can't access my project

I can not access my project, the name is “uwubot”, when I try to access the editor does not respond, curiously the project website appears as if it did not exist, but when I try to give the same name to another project, it tells me that it already exists.

I don’t want to recover the project, I already have a copy with another name, I just want to be able to delete or rename it.

Hey @LalesDev,

Just to make sure, was the project that was previously named ‘uwubot’ deleted?

Yes, I was trying to delete it to replace it with the copy I have with another name, and the error occurred

Sorry to hear that you’re facing this issue, please email Glitch Support at support@glitch.com for more help. They’ll reply to your support request during the regular business hours of Mon-Fri 10 a.m to 6 p.m. EST.