I cant add my domain webtools.biz error saying it is already registered for glitch


I have done the process of adding the domain the first time and also added the CNAME after I updated my code from my local machine via pushing a branch and merging it with the master branch after i was not able to add my domain


Hello, @JaenuFrancis, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

The Custom Domains section of the Glitch editor doesn’t currently show existing Custom Domain registrations, so you won’t see a custom domain you already registered in the list. We have a task in our backlog to add additional functionality to this feature, but I don’t know when we’ll get to it. Additionally once a domain has been registered it’s not able to be registered again, which is why you’re seeing that error.

As far as I can tell webtools.biz is working as expected. Is something broken from your end?

Sorry for the bother!