I cant connection to my project

I have a project. My project does not appear in the dashboard or other tabs. But when I log in to the wakeup link, the project becomes active. How can I access my project?
link: escapegamexxx.glitch.me

Hey there, it sounds like you should reach out to our support team so they can take a closer look. Email them the details at support@glitch.com so they can help.

How many files do you have in the project? Also, is the “status” at the bottom left of the project a smiley face? Things that might cause your issue:

• Project status is not okay
• There is an error in the code
• The project storage is full
• The files in the project cannot be used to display the project or there are no files in the project.

If none of these are the issue, you can always try contacting support. Hope this helped. :smile:

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