I can't create a folder

I can’t create a folder.


Hiya @wio_niqle.q ,

How are you trying to do it, and what result or error do you get?

If you are trying to create src/base/Core.js, first try creating src then base and see how it goes.

site freezes instantly when I try to open a folder

Hi there @wio_niqle.q - can you email support@glitch.com with the project name, the folder you want to create and what browser/OS you’re using and we’ll investigate why you’re running into this!

how large is your project? This happened to me a lot with big projects and files. Everything would go super slow. Probably not a glitch issue i think

Im having the exact same problem right now and im doing it the same method as OP.

Edit: making folders via terminal seems to work

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