I can't edit any of my projects

"I’m @mshook. I’m logged in. When I go to glitch I can see my project list but all my projects, including my Boosted projects return “Page Not Found”

For example,

Put sometimes I get this:

We can’t seem to connect to your project at the moment, apologies. Please try refreshing your browser. If that doesn’t work, contact support and they’ll be able to help you out.

and then this:

Uh oh, we can’t connect to Glitch, which means your changes aren’t being saved. To keep your changes, copy them to your clipboard, reload, and paste them back in.

I also get those messages if I’m not logged in.

It’s very confusing since sometimes it says page not found and sometimes I get those longer messages.

OK, I’ve done that.

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I’m getting the same error on all of my projects! I’ll email as well but could be a service issue.

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I am having the same problem

Due to the amount of posts about this issue, it’s most likely a service outage. https://status.glitch.com.

Yet, status.glitch.com still say, “All Systems Operational”

We’ll probaby have to wait for them to update it.


I have asked the team to look into this. As soon as I get an update, I will let you know!


Thank you!

Your projects should be connecting now @mshook.

If anyone else reading this thread is seeing a connecting error when trying to open the project editor, please contact support and be sure to provide your project’s name.


Yes, they’re working. Thank you.