I can't enter my project :(

i can’t enter my project
project name: yoruldum921

Please go to https://glitch.com/edit/console.html?yoruldum921
Then type “refresh” without quotation marks.
Then try accessing your project again

Hello @SpeedyCraftah,
We tryed. Project running, but not enterying the site

writed “restart” and entered :smiley:

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Hey @Yusuf321321321 welcome to the Glitch forum!

Are you and @CagatayD able to access this project now? I can see it without any difficulty right now.

@cori It seems to be a temporary issue, which some projects are experiencing. I tried acccessing 2 projects by people that said they had issues, and I could not get on it, it would get stuck on an infinite loading loop. It seems to fix itself after a couple minutes/hours