I can't get into my Glitch project

I have gotten the message “project nameless-bot suspended: You exceeded the disk space limit on node_modules. If you feel this has been an error, contact us at customer-service@fogcreek.com”. Now my project won’t load or anything. How am I supposed to reduce the number of node modules without being able to access the project itself? All I want is a copy of my project if its possible

Hi @Shadow sorry for the inconvenience! I’ve gone ahead and temporarily lifted the size limit on your project for 24 hours to give you the opportunity to get it back in line.

Since it seems like your node_modules are the source of the problem your best bet is probably to switch to using pnpm instead of npm for your node modules since pnpm doesn’t take up your project’s disk space for your modules. You can make this happen by using the enable-pnpm command in your project’s console.

Hi cori,

Thanks for your help I already got copy of the project and I am planning to delete it later.

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