I cant login about glitch or my device?

I cant login. Is that about glitch or my device?

Welcome back to the forums!

It appears you’re on the api website, is this intentional or were you redirected here?

Also can you tell us how you were trying to login? (Via google, magic link)
You can also attempt to clear your cache.

Happy Glitching! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

When i want login with google it says this also when i want login with my wifi it says this i tried with mobile data and it was working

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Hi @ipekylmz I’m sorry that you are seeing a 403 when trying to login. Please send us a support request and be sure to include your username. We will help you out!

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@ipekylmz just wondering, are you using Tor, a VPN, or a proxy?