I cant Login My Account

i try to login with github but when i try to login it loops it and i cant enter. Please help


I have the same problem

How can i enter. Can you solve it?

Nope i cant solve it…

I finally entered! Can you try it again

Im trying another account right now

can’t create a new project and can’t come in to my code :frowning: .
same isue

Check: https://status.glitch.com/
I have same problem

Having the same issue.

i entered successfully right now. Try enter with email

I don’t even have a login button.

join glitch press that. i dont have login button too

the #same_thing here

Is it just me or has Glitch had issues for the past like 6 days.(Continuously)

at last i got logged in but can’t open some links i.e. https://glitch.com/@glitch/bots
it loads like #forever

I can’t seem to even get to the login page at all now.

try changing your browser

yeah i got the same problem. And i cant enter the editor

I cant sing in using google also

In editor :smiley: IT SAYS SIGN IN! im already signed in:D