I cant open any project

Hello i cant open any of my project?


I’m also experiencing this issue.
Please stand by at status.glitch.com where Glitch would most likely make updates on this

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This seems to have been fixed within the last few seconds. Please refresh your editor again

not for me :X

If you can’t open a project, try clearing your cache, if that fails, its probably a Glitch issue.

Hi there @Headoros
Can you try performing a hard refresh using SHIFT+F5


same here since Friday :frowning:

I tried clearing cache + refresh but it still doesnt work

Hello @Isabel_De_Freitas,

Check the advice in this thread, if none of that works reach out to support@glitch.com.

@user1 - contact support@glitch.com

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Hi all
If you are unable to access your project currently please wait, or contact support@glitch.com. It may be a situation where containers are being reset one by one and therefore particular projects are working before others. Please stand by, check back for updates and keep checking your project.
In the meantime, try these options which may help bring back your project for yourself quicker:

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for me it now works!!


It works too!