I Cant Open My Project edit Page And I cant login with google

I Cant Login And I Cant Get My Project Editor erors ı need my project

Hi @Flix-x ,

There is glitch edit problem right now. You can be informed about the developments on the status.glitch.com site.

Thanks But İts Not My İssue I Cant Login I Get google internal problem

This is Glitch’s error, you’ll have to wait until Glitch has fixed everything.
In the meantime, check status.glitch.com for more information, as MeliL suggested before.

Of course you can’t login. Glitch is having api downtime. Check Glitch Status for info. You sure need the api to work properly to login.

I Tried Glitch Everything Up But Same I Tried Chrome Opera firefox But İt Say İnternal Login problem
I Can Show You After Fixed

Of course you can’t. It’s not coz of an error on your side, rather the server side. So you gotta wait till the devs resolve it.

There’s nothing you can do but wait, the problem is on Glitch’s API, we have to wait for a fix

You Dont Understand I Wıll Show You Glitch server fixed ANd You Understand I Tred server optional but same

if i don’t understand, please explain your issue

The Glitch services are down. Your project will not work until Glitch fixes the issue that they are facing.

Now İs Servers Up But Same I Cant Login

You’ll just have to be patient, I’ll ping @glitch_support to let them know that logins aren’t working.

Man Logins Work İn Opera But I Cant Login chrome İm Scared İf Opera Gone İ tried All browser if all broken what i do

clean your cache and wait

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Thank You
İts Yanko
İ Solved

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no problem :slight_smile: