I can't open my project

My project gets stuck in Loading Project

Help me !


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when will it recover?

when it’s fixed. could take minutes or hours.
depending on how much is broken this time.
hope they can finally fix those issues that occur the last days.

make sure to check the support forum and the status.glitch.com website frequently and be patient :slight_smile:


thank you :slight_smile:

For now, you can try clearing your browsing data (e.g. cache and cookies) and usually just a hard refresh will fix this using Shift+F5. Sometimes Glitch support can also fix it for you. Email: support@glitch.com or create a ticket on Happyfox

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The site seems to be recovering. My projects are loading up successfully. Try now

Dude, Glitch is down :grin:!

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Same The Editor is Not working @glitch_support, put the status of the editor as Major Outage